Mental Health Assessment

Mental and behavioral assessments are modern age tools that help to understand behavior and it’s precursors.

Photograph of a psychologist consultant conducting a mental health assessment at Passionate Thoughts, LLC, in Bethlehem, PA

Why have a Mental Health Assessment

Our behavioral and mental health assessment, for both adults and children, is designed to diagnose different mental health conditions to evaluate a person referred to because of problems at school, work, or home.

  • It provides a complete depiction of your emotional state. It also looks at how well you can behave.
  • A detailed and professional assessment to build an accurate picture of your mental health.
  • An in depth and comprehensive assessment of your emotional, social, behavioral, and developmental functioning.
  • We as a team help you to get out of an unhealthy cognitive, emotional, and behavioral pattern.
  • We try our best to make assessments a positive experience for everyone.
  • We discuss the results of the assessment with clients and give them a chance to ask any questions about their illness, the diagnosis, possible causes, any treatments we offer, and how those may improve their life.
  • All in a compassionate manner, and in a confidential, safe, and comfortable environment.

Purpose of our Mental Health Assessment

Our main objective is to provide complete assistance to the people who are experiencing emotional, and/or behavioral symptoms. Our professionals are providing the best services in mental health assessment for the following purposes:

  • Diagnose an existing mental health condition.
  • Evaluate the mental and behavioral health issues of the person having at work, school, or in personal life and relationships.
  • Assessing for any drug and/or alcohol related concerns.

All about our Mental Health Assessment

Our experts in this field design the whole process of mental health assessment according to your specific case. We understand every person has different mental health issues so these should be sorted out according to this. There are a few elements that usually happen during the mental health assessment process.


A mental health professional may interview you as part of your assessment. They may ask you about the symptoms you’re experiencing. The interview will also help to understand how well you behave and interact with people.

Mental Evaluation

You’ll answer questions about your feelings, emotional state, and behaviors. You may be asked about your day-to-day life, what makes them better or worse, and whether and how you’ve tried to manage them on your own. Your doctor will also perceive your presence, performance, and behavior. Are you short-tempered, shy, or aggressive?

Personal History

Your mental health clinician may also ask questions about your personal history like:

  • Your married life
  • About your work
  • Did you ever serve in the military?
  • Have you ever been a criminal record?
  • Your upbringing
  • Your personal life events
  • The biggest sources of stress in your life or any major sufferings


Through the results of our mental health assessment services, our experts in this field confirm a diagnosis and choose the right course of treatment for you.  Your treatment plan will depend on your specific diagnosis and circumstances. It all depends on your situation.

Photograph of an applied behavioral analyst employee of Passionate Thoughts, LLC, in session with a mother and her autistic child

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